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ATP is a leading company in HVAC System serving his Client all over the world. After several years of experience in engineering the Company grew up in the industrial sector where special performance and climates require the utmost skills in every phase of the activity, from engineering to procurement and construction. At present ATP group of companies is present in Europe and North America and the business time is 24 hours a day due to the jet lag. Design to customized equipment to be manufactured in the place of delivery always follows the planning and forecast.

Q/A and HSE Policies are fully integrated with the activity of ATP, this guaranties to out Clients the maximum level of services and the maximum reliability of our systems.

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As consequence of over 10 years of consulntancy and design activities, provided as indipendent Professionals, Marco Fiorespino and Giovanni Belli decide to establish a Design Firm, ATP, in order to put together their experience in architectural, civil and HVAC design in order to provide their Clients with a complete solution to building design.
Canada is the new market
ATP is awarded for the engineering, supply, installation and CUS of the HVAC system of 11 proces buildings in hazardous area in the extreme cold climate of nothern Alberta, Canada.

Temperatures up to -45 Celsius did not forbid ATP construction Team to complete the job successfully. CSU of 11 systems was completed in 4 weeks after mechanical completion.

ATP designed and supplied the HVAC systems for the revamping and production increasing of the biggest Refinery of Baltic Republics in Lithuania. The extreme cold climate and the hazardous enviroment required a customized fabrication of equipment.

CSU of systems was completed successfully in 10 days.

A consolidate success
During the year 2007 Giovanni & Marco , take the decision to focus only on HVAC systems, to start the fabrication of custom equipment and to provide installation and CSU services.

Today ATP in a consolidated Company with a solid present in Europe and North America.

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  • "We are all constructed out of our self dialogue."

    Canadian Construction Manager F.A.Q.B.

    I just want to express my satisfaction with Carlo and Alessandro. They performed an excellent work. Thanks to their knowledge, work and positive attitude the air balance went from being a huge headache to a complete success. Regards

  • "Create with the heart; build with the mind."

    S. Martin

    I did not believe that the commitment taken during the commercial negotiation would have been met so strictly, technical assistance prior and after job higly professional.


Giovanni Belli

Corporate Managing Director Location: Europe

Michele Crisafulli

Head of Engineering Department Location: Italy

Matteo Badalocchi

Head of Heat Transfer Packages Div. Location: USA