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The Greenest in the World: Aruba

13 August 2020

The One Happy Carabbean Island Aruba is one of the Lesser Antilles islands located in the Southern Caribbean Sea, that thanks to its position, its climate and its crystal-clear...


Hydrogen as a way to the Europe’s clean energy transition

22 July 2020

The rapid cost decline of renewable energy, technological developments and the urgency to drastically reduce greenhouse emissions, are opening up new possibilities. The European Green Deal sets out a...


Dust Filtration And Recovery System Shipped to Russia

29 June 2020

Waste as a new feedstock: now is possible. After months of studies and design GroupATP delivered its standard Dust Filtration & Recovery System for dust generated by the production...


From Aerospace to GroupATP

22 January 2020

MADE and GroupATP committed to the future Based on the agreement signed on January 2020, MADE, after 20 years of experience in aerospace applications, and GroupATP are developing innovative...


GroupATP Supports Energy Transitions

15 April 2019

Biogas to support Energy Transition Supporting the energy transition, GroupATP has developed the engineering for the pre-treatment of small scale bio-LNG production facility. In order, for the biomethane, to...


GroupATP for Pharma

2 May 2018

GroupATP delivered a steam generator package to TEVA Biotech (Germany). The package is included in the utilities system of the Genesis Project and produces clean steam for the HVAC...