Waste as a new feedstock: now is possible.

After months of studies and design GroupATP delivered its standard Dust Filtration & Recovery System for dust generated by the production process of Maleic Anhydride.

The maleic anhydride solidification process, and the subsequent mechanical packaging treatment, produces fine particles, that can be toxic, generate disgusting smell and pollution. The Dust Filtration & Recovery system allows to catch the fine particles inside the equipment, to aspire them through the same pipe system that conveys dried air, and to intercept them by a bag filter, to avoid their dispersion. Furthermore, the system will recover the particles and will be able to use them as a reusable feedstock. At last the automatic filter cleaning cycles, significantly reduce downtime and operator interventions. The system then, it’s able to avoid air pollution and increase global process energy efficiency.

All our plants are able to be managed locally or remotely. The interface is programmable and customizable.

The system in 2020 obtained the EAC certification, and it can be delivered in all Eurasian countries.

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