MADE and GroupATP committed to the future

Based on the agreement signed on January 2020, MADE, after 20 years of experience in aerospace applications, and GroupATP are developing innovative control systems that will make possible to transform standard equipment in ‘intelligent equipment’: this innovation will facilitate the commissioning and operation of every single equipment.

The launch of 1st system is expected by spring 2021.

About MADE

MADE s.r.l. is a competitive Italian company with over 30 years of experience in the automation sector. The company designs and builds plants and machines for industries, which have always met with customer’s needs, in very short time.

For more information visit MADE’s Website.

About GroupATP

GroupATP was born in 2003 as a provider of complete systems and equipment for heating, air conditioning and ventilation (HVAC), and process packages for technical fluids treatment. The company has the capability to deliver solutions for complex industrial applications in North America, Europe, Russia and Euroasian region. From basic design to start-up GroupATP keeps supporting its clients with proactive approach to problem solving.
The specific knowledge learned in decades of experience makes GroupATP one of the most strategic partner for its clients.

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