GroupATP delivered a steam generator package to TEVA Biotech (Germany). The package is included in the utilities system of the Genesis Project and produces clean steam for the HVAC unit of the new production factory.

The steam generator, made by the XSG technology, fully customized in compliance with Client standard and requirements, consists of a heat exchanger BKU type. The steam is obtained vaporizing water shell side of heat exchanger, by means a high pressure steam that condenses tube side of the equipment.

The unit, equipped with all the necessary instrumentation for operation, are fully automated control through a PLC. The control system includes:

  • Automatic operation of the plant
  • Supervision of process parameters with safety/stop logic and alarm in case of abnormal operation
  • Process value control on HMI (touch screen display)

This has been the first of the packaged supplied by GroupATP for the Genesis Project.

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