GroupATP is proud to have participated in Innoprom Expo 2021, the most important Russian event in the field of the innovation technology applied to the industrial production.

Organized with the collaboration of the Agenzia ICE, the Innoprom fair, held in Ekaterinburg, brought together the major business groups of the metallurgic, mechanical and energy sector, on the innovation technology and sustainable development topics.

Accordingly, our CBO Giovanni Belli, has been invited to represent the Italian Case in two different Round Table: the first one to discuss about the opportunity of potential partnership with Russian businesses, and the second one on sustainability and social responsibility topics.

During the first Round Table we’ve shown our experience in being partners of a huge Russian company as Konar, the resulting benefits and the long-term potential of this relationship.

In the second Round Table, which was about the Environmental – Social – Governance Strategies carried out by the attending companies, we’ve shown the GroupATP approach: encouraging a responsible behaviour by Governance Policies oriented to the Corporate Social Responsibility, in every step of our organization, we can measure a substantial impact on both society and environment.

It’s been a pleasure showing the GroupATP mindset in front of such an important audience, we hope to replicate it again soon!