Who we are

M. Fiorespino

Marco Fiorespino

«Not just doing your best, but succeed in what is necessary

M. Fiorespino Chief Executive Officer


Marco Fiorespino is the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of GroupATP.

Since 2003 he is in charge of Finance and Commercial operations, and leads the GroupATP Business Development Strategy.

Mr. Fiorespino graduated from University of Rome – La Sapienza in Architecture and Planning.


Giovanni Belli

«Constancy, perseverance. Gain just one new thing every day: that will take yourself farther than you would ever thought.»

G.Belli – Chief Business Officer

Giovanni Belli is the co-owner and the Chief Business Officer of GroupATP.

He developed strong experiences and skills in HVAC-R systems in extreme environment.

Mr. Belli graduated from University of Rome – La Sapienza in Mechanical Engineering, and licensed both in Italy and Canada.



Simona Ricci

Architect & Project Manager

Michele Crisafulli

HVAC Engineering Manager

Marco Trissati

Engineering Project Manager

Carlo Romitelli

Sustainable Energy Production Manager