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Founded in Rome in 2003 by Marco and Giovanni, GroupATP has evolved into a leading EPCM and system integrator in the global process industry. 

With a track record of excellence and international client experience, the company expanded its reach by opening a branch in Calgary in 2013, establishing a strong presence in the North American market. 

GroupATP’s commitment to quality, innovation, and worldwide growth continues to shape its success in the industry.


Marco Fiorespinofoto sito ATP TEAMS (3258 x 7672 px)
Marco Fiorespino
Founder and President of GroupATP

«Not just doing your best, but succeed in what is necessary.»

Marco Fiorespino is the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of GroupATP.

Since 2003 he is in charge of Finance and Commercial operations, and leads the GroupATP Business Development Strategy.

Mr. Fiorespino graduated from University of Rome – La Sapienza in Architecture and Planning.

Giov - foto sito ATP TEAMS (3258 x 7672 px)
Giovanni Belli
Founder and Chief Executive Officer of GroupATP

«Constancy, perseverance. Gain just one new thing every day: that will take yourself farther than you would ever thought.»

Giovanni Belli is the co-owner and the Chief Business Officer of GroupATP.

He developed strong experiences and skills in HVAC-R systems in extreme environment.

Mr. Belli graduated from University of Rome – La Sapienza in Mechanical Engineering, and licensed both in Italy and Canada.

piero palmieri
Piero Palmieri
Member of Board of Administration and Head of Production of GroupATP

«Future Goals are achievable with everyday work.»

Mr. Palmieri has been the founder and Chief Business Officer of "MADE".

From "MADE" we have acquired the know-how for the production of all the automation aspects.

Our story

  • 2003

    GroupATP: Crafted excellence in the Oil&Gas Italian Industry

    From the beginning, we have been delivering industrial HVAC system engineering design

  • 2007

    Leading the way in the EU Market

    GroupATP expands to European markets and lands in Lithuania

  • 2011

    Going global: GroupATP overseas ventures unveiled

    GroupATP's European Success Leads to First Canadian Project Achievement

  • 2013

    GroupATP confirms its global presence

    Becoming a Leading Reference for EU Suppliers in Canada, GroupATP Launches Canadian Subsidiary - ATP Canada Inc.

  • 2017

    Pioneering in-house SKID line production

    As GroupATP evolved, we transitioned from our initial focus on the Oil & Gas sector to expand our horizons into Process Gas Packages. This transformation led to the establishment of a dedicated business unit, ATProX, focused on delivering customized SKID solutions.

  • 2018

    Elevating HVAC-R manufacturing in-house

    In 2018, GroupATP marks a significant milestone in the company's journey. Strengthened its Presence in North America, GroupaATP Began Producing HVAC-R Equipment in Calgary, Canada.

  • 2020

    Expanding for greater capabilities

    thanks to its widen and international client portfolio, GroupATP strenghtens its presence as international EPC

  • 2023

    Applying AI to our solutions

    After fostering a strong partnership with Machine Automation company, GroupATP fortifies its proficiency through the strategic acquisition of its strong experience.