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Fuel Gas Conditioning

Fuel Gas Conditioning

In the Oil, Gas and Power Generation industries, there is a demand for fuel gas which is free from solids, entrained liquids and hydrogen sulfide. Only after it has been properly treated, fuel gas can be sent to the gas turbine engine. Otherwise insufficient purification or excessive gas humidity may quickly and seriously damage costly and critical power generating equipment.

We have developed a combined removal system of H2S and H2O from natural gas with membrane technology and recently, using our know-how, we have designed and built two fuel gas treatment plants, that will be installed at a power plant in Russia.

To achieve the high performance required (H2S concentration from 3125ppm to 20ppm, H2O from 600ppm to 0ppm), the H2S/H2O removal system includes membrane modules that operate in series configuration. The filtered and heated gas flows into the membranes, and the separation is performed by the hollow fibers contained within each membrane module.

High pressure feed gas is introduced on the hollow fiber shell side and impurities are removed as low pressure permeated gas on the hollow fiber hole side. Due to its molecular size, methane remains inside the fibers and is collected at the membrane module outlet, while H2S/H2O and other impurities permeate the outer fibers and are expelled through the membrane permeate outlet.

We supply simple and compact membrane fuel gas conditioning systems mounted on skids or as containerized solutions, located inside heated modular buildings, equipped with all the necessary HVAC facilities such as ventilation, air-conditioning, lighting, gas detection and fire alarm systems.

ATProX division works directly with their clients providing the most cost effective and efficient solutions: fuel is conditioned to meet requirements for specific engine or turbine manufacturers.