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23 Apr
The Significance of ISO Certifications in HVAC Systems Design 

ISO certification for an EPCM (Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management) company in the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) industry:  ISO certifications hold immense significance for EPCM companies operating in the HVAC sector.

Commissioning & Startup Phase: ATP Project Update
28 Mar
Fuel Oil System in Commissioning & Startup Phase: ATP Project Update  

Fuel Oil System: Ensuring Safety and Efficiency. A distribution System of LPG and Fuel Oil with custom automation technologies.

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4 Mar
Waste Heat Valorization – Reduce Impact in Industrial Production.

To celebrate the World International Sustainable Engineer's Day we have made a focus on Waste Heat Valorization – Recovering Waste Heat as a Strategy to Reduce Waste, Costs, and Environmental Impact in Industrial Production.

20 Jul
GroupATP guest at INNOPROM Expo 2021

GroupATP is proud to have participated in Innoprom Expo 2021, the most important Russian event in the field of the innovation technology applied to the industrial production. Organized with the collaboration of the Agenzia ICE, the Innoprom fair, held in Ekaterinburg, brought together the major business groups of the metallurgic, mechanical and energy sector, on...

27 Nov
The Essence of Membrane Technology

The purification of gas from Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is one of the most pressing problems in the biomethane power plants and in the entire oil production and refining industry. Today, there are the following main methods to purify biogas: the method of liquid (wet) and solid (dry) chemical absorption of impurities...

13 Nov
Fuel Gas Conditioning

In the Oil, Gas and Power Generation industries, there is a demand for fuel gas which is free from solids, entrained liquids and hydrogen sulfide. Only after it has been properly treated, fuel gas can be sent to the gas turbine engine. Otherwise insufficient purification or excessive gas humidity may quickly and seriously damage costly...

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15 Apr
GroupATP Supports Energy Transitions

Biogas to support Energy Transition Supporting the energy transition, GroupATP has developed the engineering for the pre-treatment of small scale bio-LNG production facility. In order, for the biomethane, to be liquefied, the content of H2O and CO2 shall be within pipeline specifications (in particular dew point -70°C). GroupATP has used combined membranes and PSA technologies...